Matti Garay was yelled at while on vacation in Greece for wearing a mask

Matti Garay was yelled at while on vacation in Greece for wearing a mask

They tightened themselves on the Greek pandemic measures.

garay Matthew and his wife garay Kira They were on vacation in Greece, where they actually did a video for a vlog several weeks ago. The second part of this has now been uploaded to their YouTube channel.

As it turned out earlier, they also drove a car on vacation, but on one occasion it was even difficult for them to get inside the ferry because the workers, according to them, controlled the drivers in a very primitive way: “Here, as it is, the Greek bastard got drunk. Said Kira Garay: “It’s dangerous, he even complained that you have to say anything, since you have to stand up.”

Mateh Garay took the floor:

The important thing is that we arrived in the middle of the trucks, and our aunts are knocking with sticks, and what do I know. We arrived and handed the ticket and they asked where is the mask?

“I say, your aunt has the mask. It was not needed anywhere!” – the actor’s wife took the floor. As they said, when they reached Crete, they did not see anyone wearing a mask, which is why they were surprised that such a policy was in force on the ferry. They were also instructed to get masks from somewhere. A worker on the ship encouraged the couple to get off the ship and buy a mask in the city center, several kilometers away.

But we had a mask, damn it, but in the car! I went back there and they said where are you going, you stupid animal. Why should the holiday end like this?

– Then it proved (in the 58th minute part anyway) that this is a real redundant bureaucracy.

In the video they also talked about:

  • Once there was such a strong wind in the house that they were really afraid that the building would be demolished.
  • They had a lot of nightmares during the vacation: “I saw dead bodies standing in front of the front door,” Garray said, for example.

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