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Matti Garay explained in a live broadcast why he did not go to Mary Turesic's funeral

Matti Garay explained in a live broadcast why he did not go to Mary Turesic’s funeral

He wanted to answer the accusations against him.

Came home from Survivor For archery Jarray Matthewfrom U.S breakfast He immediately began explaining: While filming in Dominica, I found it, cricket Big He died so that he could not attend the funeral, and he received a number of negative comments on his social media pages in this regard.

The one thing that hurt me so much after 50 days of filming was that I went home and immediately knew why I wasn’t at my grandmother Tureتشek’s funeral. Well, I now know that he is very ill and it is possible that by the time I come back from filming, he will not be alive anymore. It was his will to my aunt, Teresa’s daughter, and her partner to sprinkle her ashes on the goats. Not that I was not there, but that my other relatives were not present at his funeral. She did not have such a large public funeral where everyone was there, but to have a very narrow circle, that is, to have her daughter alone. This is one of them.

He continued:

The other is that anyone who knows these kinds of shows being filmed outside, especially in this case of Covid, knows perfectly well that it’s not like I’m going to hop on a plane, travel for 24 hours, go to a funeral, and then go because you can’t get out. From this game. Not to mention, no family member vomited for this. I thought it was important to say that. Everyone knows how important a place is in my heart, and I don’t think that when someone is there at their funeral, they think about it too much. This was the one thing after my return that I felt I definitely wanted to clarify.

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