Matthias?  Kalman?  Bella?  Who is the greatest king?  vote!

Matthias? Kalman? Bella? Who is the greatest king? vote!

In recent months, dozens of historians and history teachers have worked to answer the eternal question: Who is the greatest king? I mean outside Bella ElijahOf course, of course. Experts contacted by Qubit, led by a staff from the Professional Association of History Teachers and the History Institute of the University of Eötvös Loránd, compiled a list of the most influential rulers in Hungarian history and wrote a picture of the 10 best kings – articles that will be available published in the next 10 weeks advancing toward a glorious victory.

List classification is not an exact science, everyone involved in the project was familiar with it, so we did not create a weighted methodology with sub-tens of thousands of criteria. We were simply looking for an answer to the question, who did the most for the survival and prosperity of Hungary during their reign, and who had the greatest impact on our history a thousand years ago?

Illustration: Qubit

In the pictures, we tried not to burden readers with elements of a classic textbook, but tried to touch on all the relevant points of the article about the particular king. How did he get to the throne? What laws have changed the image of society? What wars did he participate in, and what countries did his leadership leave behind? What was your relationship with the church and what did you do to develop culture? What beliefs and misconceptions do you live by in the public consciousness, and how different are the contemporary and modern provisions of its system?

Judith Ksakow, a researcher at the Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences who researches the narrative sources of Arpad and Anjou in Hungary, introduces the life of Kalman Konyeves, who ranked 10th in the first portrait of a king.

Of course, we are also curious about what our readers think, so voting will begin in parallel with the appearance of the images: from the list of twenty below, everyone can choose who they think is the greatest king.

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