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Matteo Salvini spoke of an unprecedented opportunity

Matteo Salvini spoke of an unprecedented opportunity

Matteo Salvini asked everyone to go vote.

“I cannot stand cowards and those who have no will, and who then complain. You cannot choose whom you would rather run away from? You are a cowardly rabbit. I need free, brave Italians who are not afraid. This way, after fifty years, change can happen in Europe, we can To enter government without being partners or allies of socialists, the left, or warmongers like Macron.”

Matteo Salvini said.

The League leader said, “We are no longer alone. For the first time in the history of the European Parliament, a unified center-right can obtain a majority in Brussels.”

He added that this is why those who do not go to vote “bear a great responsibility.”

He expressed his hope that, after the polls close on Sunday evening, it would be possible to celebrate the liberation of the European peoples from the European majority.

Matteo Salvini concluded his party's election campaign in Piazza Santi Apostoli in the Italian capital.

He explained: A vote for the League is a vote for peace in Europe.

Whoever votes for the League gives a mandate to “stop those who want to kill with Italian weapons on Russian soil.”

– He expressed.

He also urged a change in the head of the European Central Bank, stressing that the head of the financial institution, Christine Lagarde, “cannot freely carry poverty and misery across Europe.”

According to Matteo Salvini, the European peoples must exercise control over the European Central Bank, which cannot be “independent and anarchic: the European Central Bank, which has made a mockery of Italians’ savings, loans, wages and lives, must bear responsibility for its actions (..) to the European peoples.” “.

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The league leader said

She hopes that Donald Trump will win the US elections and “help bring a little order and a little peace, because perhaps it is not a coincidence that when Democrats win in the United States, there comes wars and chaos and despair.”

At the end of the election campaign in Rome, the song “Give Peace a Chance”, written by John Lennon in 1969 and known as the pacifist anthem, was played.

Later, Matteo Salvini said on the commercial TV channel Rete 4 that the first measure the League wants to implement in the next European Parliament will be to protect borders and send back migrants who have committed crimes.

Matteo Salvini said, “The problem is not the color of people’s skin, but rather adherence to the rules. Europe has done nothing to protect the borders and return criminals (migrants) to their homeland.”

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