Felháborítónak, személyes támadásnak tartják Matovič kijelentéseit a szlovákiai tudósok

Matovi’s statements are considered outrageous and personally attacked by Slovak scholars

According to biochemist Pavol Cekan, Finance Minister Igor Matovic’s “attack” against the State Medicines Control Agency (ŠÚKL) and the Medical Biology Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in connection with the fifth Sputnik vaccine is outrageous.

Pavol Chikan (Photo: TASR)

And mathematician Richard Collard called Matovich’s statement on Friday “completely incorrect.” “I see his attacks on Slovak sciences and professionals as a personal attack,” he wrote on his community page.

“These pitiful attacks on professionals, scientists and independent institutions must stop, which must take care of the safety of medicines and vaccines to protect human lives and their health once and for all,” Shakan added.

According to the expert, this will only pursue our best scientists abroad, because there they can enjoy peace of mind, sufficient financial background and a decent life.

Kollar noted that KL Laboratories and the Slovak University of Sciences have done their best to test the vaccine as best and responsibly as possible.

On Friday, Igor Matovi complained that a Slovak government institution, the State Medicines Control Agency (UKL), had published the results of a study conducted in the laboratory of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. ŠUKL so far only Jean Mikas, Chief National Medical Officer defended it.

According to the prime minister, the Russian side was completely angry because Slovakia had tried to check what was in the bottles named Sputnik V. And he thinks this cannot be done with a factory, especially Gamaleja, “which has been making vaccines for 130 years” and where it works at least. 90 professors. “

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The expertise of the Slovak Academy of Sciences is no longer treated with great care. The other complaint was that Slovakia, to be more precise The Russian vaccine was tested by the State Medicines Control Agency in an unapproved, non-OMCL approved laboratory.


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