Mateusz told what Szoboszlai lacked in order to sign for a bigger club

Lothar Matthaus, former German Ballon d’Or player and manager of the Hungarian national team, has paid tribute to Zolt Lo and Bal Darday to M4 Sport, and the captain of the Hungarian national football team, Dominik Zuboszlai, has also been mentioned, who he believes is in a good place at Leipzig at the moment.

According to Mateusz, Szoboszlai still has to prove himself if he wants to move to a bigger club.

Before the Champions League quarter-final second leg match between Bayern Munich and Manchester City on Wednesday night, the Bayern legend said that just as Hungarian football was capable of performing miracles, the Bavarians could also advance, despite the first leg 3-0.

“There is always a chance. We saw the Hungarian national team in the Nations League, who managed to win 4-0 in England. Munich needs a result like this today. But City are the best team in the world right now. An early goal can be the key to success.”

Matthaus also spoke positively about Bayern’s second coach, Zulte Lo, and Hertha’s new old coach, Pal Darday.

“Tuchel and Lou also coached at Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain. Munich has many superstars who need management, but they know what to do.”

“I was pleased with Darday’s appointment. He knows the club, the players, the youth team and football itself very well, as does Hertha. I think the club’s management made a good decision when they chose him to keep the team in the Bundesliga.”

And his opinion about the captain of the national team, the midfielder of Leipzig, Dominic Zuboszlai, is that he needs to improve in order to take a more serious step.

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“At the moment, he has to excel at Leipzig. I saw how excellent he was against Hertha, he was the best player in the second half. But he also has to prove himself against Bayern or Dortmund, also in the Champions League. Maybe that’s a bit missing. He has to He spends another year or two in Leipzig, after which he can move to a bigger club.

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