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Máté Járai feels a bit pathetic because he couldn't come to terms with the fact that even after almost a year, RTL fired him from Reggeli

Máté Járai feels a bit pathetic because he couldn't come to terms with the fact that even after almost a year, RTL fired him from Reggeli

According to his acquaintances, János Kulka was lonely

The Kossuth and Jászai Mari award-winning actor, who had a stroke seven and a half years ago, feels he has run out of friends and colleagues, so his days are empty.

Sandor Frederikusz Janos Kulka In his online gallery He said that after the stroke, his friends and colleagues forgot about him, but at the same time, according to his acquaintances, the actor could feel lonely.

Kolka tells Frederikusch that he would be open to personal contact, but he feels that he has been left alone, and that few people have been visiting him lately.

“They exhausted me, they forgot me… To them, I'm not that. I'm ashamed of myself,” said the Kosuth and Jaszai Mare award-winning actor, who feels his days are empty.

He added that he tried to paint on his own, but he got bored after half a year and abandoned his completed paintings.

As mentioned, Kulka has previously spoken openly about her loneliness and how she feels her friends and colleagues have turned away from her.

the eyelash In response to his inquiry, János Kulka's former colleagues did not really want to respond to the actor's words, but many of them pointed out that although they tried to contact him to no avail, he often avoided them. Janos Bogtas, The former director of Neighbors decided to contact Kulka after the online interview.

“I want to invite him and his sister to dinner. Even if it is more relaxed, but we keep in touch, we always greet each other on holidays.

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I know a lot of people are trying to contact him, but he doesn't want to, and feels ashamed, even though there is no reason to.

I would like you to know that you can count on me for anything, it would be a shame to close yourself off,” said Bujtás, who believes that Kolka's condition has seen great improvement over the years.

“I had the idea a few years ago that Neighbour It can continue according to the events of our world today. The director said: “If it turns out this way, the return of Janus will be great, as we can even include his condition in the series, which will give strength to many.”

Zucca Ruboz Getting back on your feet after a stroke is a supernatural task, psychologist told Blikk.

“János Kulka had to rebuild himself from scratch, which he succeeded in doing after watching the interview.

However, it is not at all surprising if he does not want to open up to people. To do this, you need to process the events you experienced.

“I can suggest one thing to his friends and colleagues: you must not break into the house under any circumstances, and you must gradually and carefully signal to him that it is really important and necessary,” the psychiatrist said.

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