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Mate András Gomori and Lila Poliak have it all covered: here’s the reason behind their radical decision

Mate András Gomori and Lila Poliak have it all covered: here’s the reason behind their radical decision

As reported by the Metropole website. Matej András Gomori and Lila Poliak resigned from Operettszínház He broke up with everything and moved to Canada.

Lilla Polyák and Máté András Gömöri’s move did not start smoothly Photo: Ripost

The couple decided to take the drastic step after that Máté has been accepted as an acting major at Seneca College, which means the boards representing the world will be just an arm’s length away from the actor. Since then, the couple has been sharing new news, for example, it was revealed that they used to return home after a sneak visit, and that they actually managed to find a new home that was suitable and safe for the family.

Matty and Lila now Facts Plus He gave an exclusive interview About what their lives have been like since they moved abroad.

At first, three people shared one room

When we arrived, two very nice friends of ours agreed to spend the first month with them, so we got their guest room and there were three of us: Lila, Bulxo and me. They helped us with everything

Then Gomori began Polyak lilac So he continued:

We knew that when we move out, the first thing is to find an apartment, which is also the hardest thing. We didn’t really know how much time we would spend there with them, but in the end it turned out to be exactly one month.

Little by little, everything fell into place

The couple also said that QFortunately, their son was able to find a good school almost immediately, where they met the principal right away, who was a very kind old uncle. Regarding the new apartment, they said that at first it was completely empty, and they were sleeping on blankets spread on the floor, but thanks to the cooperation of friends, the problem was also solved quickly.

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Layla is Matthew You can see the full story of his adventurous move here:

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