Mass vaccination event, Britain began to open up

In the United Kingdom, the number of new infections has decreased due to mass vaccinations and previous severe shortages. So a more serious relaxation can begin today: Schools have reopened. The M1 newsletter said that if the epidemic does not accelerate even after that, further steps will be made, until mid-June.

A secret click in West Yorkshire indicated what had happened, which students and parents had been waiting for for more than two months: the reopening of schools in the UK. Millions of students returned to the classroom on Monday.

Babies are tested three times a week, then twice a week and a mask should be worn in class.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson put it this way: reopening thanks to the vaccination program. In the island nation, every third person has already been vaccinated.

“March 8th is the first big step we take on the road to our freedom, thanks to vaccinations. All students are due to return to school on Monday. A big thank you to the parents who have persevered over the past few weeks. I think we’re ready now. People want to come back. They feel they need to.” Regarding the dangers of opening a school, in my opinion, the real danger is that it will not open, because being at home was at the expense of learning. “ Said Boris Johnson.

However, the London decision states that students can prepare for the hard work more than before: There will be longer teaching days and shorter school holidays in the coming months to make up for lost hours.

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Meanwhile, the Johnson government announced other travel restrictions: From now on, UK residents will have to provide written reasons if they want to travel abroad.

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