Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy: íme Lady Hellbender [VIDEO]

Is he a ruthless hunter? Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy In a game, maybe something completely different? Perhaps the new video for the next Eidos Montreal game can answer that, too.

a Square Enix And that Eidos Montreal Video Mrs. HellbenderAnd it begins there when the Space Lord and Guardians of the Galaxy set out their plan to enter into some kind of negotiation with the leader of the Hellraisers, who is also the Queen of Seknarf-9 and a notorious monster hunter.

The player can decide which “rare monster” to sell (Groot or Mordal), this moment called memory triggers a chain reaction, and the sequence of events prompts the gang to travel through outer space and thus get there to reach the play a crucial role in the fate of the universe. So it starts small, but events explode quickly.

According to Darryl Purdy, director of film scenes and animation at Eidos Montreal, Lady Hellbender is a much-loved character in fans of Marvel’s newer comics, and the Canadian studio wanted her place in the Guardian of the Galaxy universe as well. Since it is believed that humor will be present in every aspect of the game as well, Eidos Montreal has had a role to play in setting expectations for the story and creating an unexpected dynamic between Lady Hellbender and a certain destroyer.

Purdy added that there will be approximately six hours of interactive movie scenes in the single-player game, which was heavily emphasized at the time of the announcement. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy It’s coming out on October 26th anyway PlayStation 5-Re, Xbox Series-Re, computer-Re (steamAnd Epic Games Store), Playstation 4or Xbox One-Ra. it will be Nintendo Switch version too, but this can only be run from the cloud (and can be found in the Nintendo eShop).

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put on the Internet? Will not. Microtransactions? They won’t be. DLCs? They won’t be. This may indicate that Square Enix doesn’t want a neglected Marvel product release in the same way (Marvel’s Avengers, whose Spider-Man is still a PlayStation exclusive anywhere, even though it’s been nearly a year since the game was released!).

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