Is Marriage Dead For Millennials?

Less and less we are hearing wedding bells. It has been rumored that marriage is a dying institution. Is our generation the cause? Do girls even dream about getting married one day? Studies show that 25% of millennials will NEVER get married. Here’s four reasons why millennials are killing the LOVE-filled tradition.

1. Millennials prefer dating.

Commitment isn’t the issue. Marriage is a long-term tie. Millennials prefer to faithfully date, live together, and go half on the rent, but if it doesn’t seem to work out…no strings attached.

2. Millennials are getting married later.

It’s not that millennials won’t get married. It just won’t happen as early as our parents and grandparents. In 1960, the average age for marriage for women was 20 and 23 for men. These days, that age has rose to 29 for women and 27 for men. Back in the day, education was not as accessible or a priority so marriage was essentially the next step. These days there are a thousand different options and routes to take to progress in life. We want to finish our educational endeavors such as multiple degrees or trade school. We also want to know that he/she is the one for us.

3. Marriage is Inaccessible.

The average wedding costs between $20,000 and $30,000. The social aspect of marriage has definitely died down, although many millennials actually want to get married and immediately start of family. However, we know that we need to be in a good place financially. Fresh out of college, newly into a career, no savings, and the price of living on the increase, starting a family with these economic strains does not seem like the best idea.

4. Values Evolving

Many millennials grew up in broken homes with separated parents, which makes them less-likely to have faith in this method. Millennials are changing their views as far as other options for partnership and if they decide to get married later on down the line, that’s cool too.


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