Marosiliye Seniors Club has moved to its new location

Marosiliye Seniors Club has moved to its new location

“I really like this new place,” said Sándor Balázs, a regular guest at the Marosleli Senior Club, Thursday morning as we pulled by. He was sitting at one of the tables with himself – he was reading, while they were talking. As he said, he had been coming to the club regularly for two or three years. It always feels good, time almost flies: they even play cards and listen to the radio. Most importantly, he stressed, the people working here are very nice.

We visited the old people’s club at Maroseleli because, as we have written so briefly, it had to move, and we were curious as to how it was managed. Relocation was necessary because the building that originally housed the club was old, and the heating of the building would have placed a great burden on the municipality maintaining it. Fortunately, the renovation of the former writer’s home was just completed this fall.

It is designed so that the village museum, youth club and many civic organizations will be located in the large civic building, which will be beautified inside and out. The Senior Citizens Club came in instead of the latter, because here, since heating and lighting are provided exclusively by solar panels, there are practically no overhead costs.

This was confirmed by the club’s president, Gaborn Korosa, who added that they naturally save money, for example, by not turning on the lights unnecessarily. By the way, the move took place very quickly, within 3 days – they also received help from the mayor’s office. Of course, the old people were informed of this in advance.

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– We also see that they quickly got used to and liked the new place. In addition, there is more space here, and the building is spacious and bright, he said.

By the way, the club has 30 members. Mostly young people who live alone and don’t come here just for lunch: they want company and gatherings. They also organize a program for them, even exchanging recipes. It is not yet known whether the club will remain in this building permanently or only temporarily.

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