Marko explained: Ricciardo is not a problem at Alpha Tauri

Wherever Nyck de Vries’ Formula 1 career may go, Helmut Marko has confirmed that Daniel Ricciardo, who made headlines with Alpha Tauri, is not a subject for the team.

The news broke this week: Nyck de Vries’ F1 career, which started this year, could be in jeopardy, and Daniel Ricciardo, who returned to Red Bull this year, could be in jeopardy. The basis of the rumors was Ricciardo’s visit to Faenza before the Miami Grand Prix, the purpose of which was to get a test seat with Alpha Tauri.

Given that De Vries has so far only been noticed for his crashes rather than good results, it has been suggested that time is running out and Red Bull might be able to lift him off his bench during the season to hand the place to Red Bull’s number three and reserve Ricciardo.

This speculation was quickly put aside by other news reports. the ESPN Citing sources from Ricciardo’s circles, he writes that Ricciardo simply jumped into the backup driver role at Alpha Tauri in Miami in Liam Lawson’s absence, and the B team has no other goals or plans for him.

the F1 Insider Since then, he has spoken to Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s decision-making advisor on racing matters, who has made it clear: Even if they wanted to replace De Vries, they would not replace him with Ricciardo.

“In this case, we will go back to our supply base. Specifically, we are talking about Liam Lawson and Ivasza Ajumu. Ricciardo is not a subject.”

– said the Austrian.

Nick de Vries (Photo: XPB)

So far, De Vries hasn’t been convincing for Alpha Tauri, and there has also been speculation that Red Bull has given him a kind of ultimatum: he must improve in the next three races, which will be held on familiar tracks, or else faith in him will be lost.

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Regarding this, Marco also poured clean water into the cup, indicating that they were giving the Dutchman time for the time being.

“Absolutely nothing will happen in the next three races. We’ve spoken to De Vries and he’s of the same view as us: he needs to improve. His disadvantage against his team-mate, Joki Konoda, who is doing an excellent job, is too big. To use a football analogy: Nick received A yellow card, but a red is yet to come. If you improve, changing drivers won’t be a problem”

Marco stated.

Mick Schumacher is not hopeful either

Regarding the possible vacancy at Alpha Tauri, the German press also began speculating about the chances of Mick Schumacher’s return. However, Marco disappointed them.

“He’s a Mercedes driver and he’s not in our plans. Toto Wolff is to blame” – said about Schumacher, who serves as a backup driver to the stars.

Mick Schumacher and Toto Wolff (Photo: XPB)

In this regard, German Sports 1 It reported that Wolff had already promised Schumacher that he would help him in next year’s session. According to them, there may be an opportunity primarily for their partner, Williams, as Wolff’s former teammate and confidant, James Fowles, is already running the team.

The question is whether he can convince him that Schumacher would be a better option than Logan Sargeant, who makes a lot of mistakes but doesn’t look hopeless. According to the paper, Williams is not happy with the Sargent (although they haven’t communicated that), and the next three races could be decisive in terms of his valuation.

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