Marit Turesic wears confinement

Marit Turesic wears confinement

Marie Turesic has been ill for a long time, so she is very careful during the epidemic. The actress finds it difficult to bear that no one can visit her.

Due to the epidemic, it is clear that friends are not allowed to visit Kossuth Grand Prix winner Marit Tureek, who is finding it increasingly difficult to endure confinement. The actress has been ill for years so she needs special care. It is alleged that his condition has improved somewhat, but he is very mentally worried about not being able to visit his old friends. Her help, her nurse and her daughter Teresa obey all wishes They may not be left alone for a moment. And friends often contact the actress in the absence of a visit. Usually, my ex-husband, one of her best friends, Gyula Bodrugi, calls me weekly. The Blecnick He said, “I’ve spoken to Mary recently. I noticed in his voice that he was better off as if his health had improved. Sure, weather, fronts wear them, but okay who doesn’t, especially at this age. This is not an easy situation, we are all exhausted from confinement. Mary is the same with her, and she cannot receive visitors much now, it affects her badly. He was always very happy when we went to him and he would love to see his friends, but we still have to wait for that, the phone keeps on, but I’m sure it means a lot to him too. ”The actress told the newspaper previously,“ I find it difficult to talk, which is why I try less As much as possible, but I like to call you, look, and please my heart, and there is always something going on around me, I am blessed, that’s for sure. “

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Marie Turesic celebrated her 85th birthday last November. The National Theater to many members, including Nelli Szűcs, Zsolt Trill, ödön Rubold and Laszlo Foldes Hobo, offered a short street program. Marie Turiçek watched the show from the window. To his great sadness, he was unable to invite his colleagues, and he finally thanked his colleagues with tears in his eyes for the surprise.

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