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Marine Le Pen struggles with discriminatory changes

Marine Le Pen struggles with discriminatory changes

The list of “highly sensitive positions” will be determined by the party in a decree, National Front representative Sébastien Chenault announced Monday on commercial channel TF1. This news was also confirmed by the party's president, prime ministerial candidate Jordan Bardella, at a press conference held in Paris on Monday in the presence of party leader Marine Le Pen, the former 2027 presidential candidate, and Eric Ciotti, the controversial Labor Party leader. Center-right Republicans.

The ban will apply to “highly sensitive positions, such as holders of dual French-Russian citizenship, to prevent them from holding strategic leadership positions in defence.”

Sebastian Chinot said. He acknowledged that this would require a change in the law and a decree to prevent “foreign interference” and “protect ourselves in sensitive sectors.”

It will affect French-Russian citizens
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The actor stressed that, in contrast to Marine Le Pen's 2022 presidential election programme, national unification would give dual citizens the same rights in all other areas as all other French people, and he no longer intends to abolish the institution of dual citizenship.

“Only French citizens will be employed in strategic positions for sectors related to security and defense,” Jordan Bardella emphasized. According to the prime ministerial candidate, “in reality, it is a matter of very few people.”

“We are ready” to govern – stressed the head of the party, which received 35.5-36 percent support in the first round, according to polls. The 28-year-old opposition politician said the National Unification Party “is the only movement currently reasonably capable of fulfilling the desires of the French people,” and promised a “significant expansion of power” in public education by banning it. The use of mobile phones in schools, compulsory education and wearing of uniforms with its experimental introduction.

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Jordan Bardella believes that improving living problems is the most urgent task, through amending the budget and reducing the value-added tax.

The Prime Minister-designate promised a complete review of public spending by a committee “whose mission is to uncover unprecedented violations in the public finance budget and the outgoing government.” Jordan Bardella has repeatedly stated since the beginning of the election campaign that he wants to assess “how Emmanuel Macron orchestrated” the “near bankruptcy of public finances in the last seven years.”

In the area of ​​immigration, the Immigration Law would eliminate the possibility of foreign citizens born in France to automatically apply for citizenship when they reach the age of majority.

The head of the party, which will deport all foreign-born criminals from France, said: “Obtaining French citizenship cannot be justified in a world in which eight billion people live, while in our country more and more daily problems arise due to our inability to integrate and assimilate.” Re-entering the country is in violation of the rules of illegal residence.” The new immigration law that was approved at the beginning of the year included this restriction, but the Constitutional Council later deleted it from the legislation. Jordan Bardella confirmed that he would propose holding a referendum on immigration to the President of the Republic.

The Prime Minister-designate also confirmed that he would withdraw the retirement system reform approved in 2023, which led to long-term riots. Regarding the retirement age, which was raised to 64 last year, he stated that “those French people who started working before the age of 20 can retire at the age of 60 as of the fall.”

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He said, “France, which wakes up early, works in difficult jobs, and does manual labor, has the right to a healthy retirement.” For others, he proposes a graduated retirement system, where the retirement age would be 62, with the full pension coming after 42 years of contributions.

According to the latest polls, if the first round of National Assembly elections were held now, the National Tawhid Party would receive between 35.5 to 36 percent of the votes, and the leftist coalition called the New People's Front could expect between 27 to 29.5 percent. While the presidential camp receives support ranging between 19.5 and 20 percent. (MTI)

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