Marie Turicek’s former home in Willem is empty

The estate is officially owned by the daughter of the actress, but no one lives in it, and apparently they don’t want to sell it either.

He passed away two years ago Mary Turiccik His home in Willem remains unoccupied. like eyelash He writes ,

According to land registry information, the property has been owned by Marie Turechic’s daughter for nearly ten years, but no one lives there, and it is not found on advertising pages either.

Mayor, Laszlo Backus They were also asked about the subject and did not receive any inquiries regarding the sale of the house.

“The fact is, the settlement wouldn’t even have the money for that, but if it comes up, we’ll certainly try to seek state aid.”

he said to Blake.

He did not abandon the fact that in addition to the officially designated Törőcsik Mari Street in the settlement, for example, a statue should also be paid in honor of the representative of the nation.

“There is a little brook and a little bridge in front of Mary’s house which was built at her request. There is a bench beside it, he really liked to sit there, so I think it would be the most suitable place as a memorial.”

— the mayor revealed his plan shortly after the deaths of three-time Kossuth, two-time Marie Jaszai and award-winning artist Béla Balázs.

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