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Marco Rossi Rizzi failed defeat for women

And in the Hungarian football match, on Saturday, the Bentel suffered a 1-0 loss against Bosix Arn in the seventh round of the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar. With this, Marco Rossi’s team had almost every chance of winning the second place. There’s also very little chance that, thanks to a group win earlier in the League of Nations, we can be there on the scrapbook. For Italian Fed captain Marco Rossi, this match is a failure in Risi. It’s hard to accept a Russian explanation that you can have so many players at your disposal.

The Hungarian football team started the World Championship qualifiers well, scoring 7 points in March. With a little luck against the Poles, it was possible to achieve victory, the home team ended the match in a 3-3 draw, then San Marino was defeated 3-0 and Andor confidently lost 4-1 at the hands of Marco Rossi.

Continuing the qualifiers in September was less successful, as our team suffered a fairly smooth 4-0 defeat by the English Ibb class at Bosex Arn, followed by a surprise header defeat in Albania. Although their teammates finished the September qualifiers with a 2-1 victory over Andorra, they found themselves in a difficult position due to the defeat they suffered from the Bennett as they slipped to Group D.

The players of the Hungarian national team can start on Saturday at Boskes Aren in Albania knowing that only if they win will they be able to concede to second place.

However, Hungarian fans could not help the team in this matter, such as FIFA zrt. In addition to the work of the media, a few Albanian fans were present in the stadium, who tried to create some kind of atmosphere in the restaurant.

FIFA strongly criminalizes the Hungarian meetingFooter: Csudai Sndor – Origo

As far as balance is concerned, the past is more suitable for our national team since then To date, the two teams have met seven times, and in addition to a draw and the most unpleasant defeat, the Hungarian team won.

As for the windfall, Marco Rossi was no easy feat, as he could only count on one primary person. However, Guelci Petter and Willie Urban, who were able to play against Andorra, are back in the team as well.

Marco Rossi has moved from one starting position in several places to the last two encountersFooter: Csudai Sndor – Origo

The Italian coach’s first team had a few surprises in store, Attila Viola Zolt-Nagy joined the team, and had the opportunity to play again in the national team. Team Leader Szalai dmot has been replaced by Salli Dniel in tmadsor. The captain has voted for the first time with confidence in Sporting KC. Marco Rossi

Galaxy Butter – Butka Indri, Willy Urban, Szalay Attila – Nego Loic, Neji DM, Shafer Anders, Nagy Zsult – Sly Roland, Zoboszlai Dominic – Sally Dennell Starting with eleven votes of confidence on Saturday night.

A tloldalon honfitrsa, Edoardo Reja, a vendgek szvetsgi kapitnya aBerisha – Ismajli, Kumbulla, Djimsiti – Hysaj, Bare, Gjasula, Trashi – Uzuni, Cikalleshi, Cekicisszettel csapatot kldte plyra.

The Albanians started the match, but after the first minutes, the Hungarian team took the lead. The first attempt was to shoot the guests: Zsolt Nagy was a little insecure, Kumbulla took advantage of this and then got away, but Attila Szalai blocked the shot with his body, so the ball did not find a goal.

There was a tactical battle for power in the first halfFooter: Csudai Sndor – Origo

After the first quarter, the Hungarian got the ball a little more, but could not get into the position.

In the 20th minute, the Hungarian team showed a great shot, Salai put the ball to the right of Nej, who immediately shot it in the middle, but Ismagli saved the corner.

After that, the fight was on the album side, after which he was standing for a few minutes in the middle of the first slip due to the poles of the game. After a pill, the album’s goalkeeper joined the cheese team, Djimsiti. The Atalanta defender was dropped and could not even continue the match, Edoardo Rej had to change for the first time.

Berat Gemsiti reluctantly left the fieldFooter: Csudai Sndor – Origo

In the 33rd minute, Butka’s shot was dangerous, but Berisha confidently hit the ball. In the next few minutes, the battle took place mostly in the middle, and the situation in front of the gates did not develop.

Albania then took the lead in the first half. After Schfer’s mistake, Myrto Uzuni jumps, but Ferencvros attack in a hurry, with Gulcsi bravr.

Even before the show, Butka stuck with Cekic, who was given a yellow card, so the Fradi defender certainly wouldn’t be able to play against the English at Wembley. Fortunately, the album was moved to the classroom wall, and after the fight in Gyor, the first floor was closed without any hesitation.

Hungary had 54% of the ball in the first half but there was no goal.

Regardless, Marco Rossi did not change his squad on the pitch, but teammate Andrei Cekichi replaced Empoli center Nadim Bajrami.

With Attila Szalay, the defense was on linen feet in the first halfFooter: Csudai Sndor – Origo

After exchanging trfl, the home team found themselves in a huge situation. After a pass from Butka, Sally Dennell came close to the goal, but his shot crossed the left side of the goal.

After that, the Hungarians tried to control the match and more, but on both sides both sides made a lot of mistakes.

Then Albania found itself in almost nothing. Once again, after losing the ball, Uzzoni found himself in his pocket, but as in the first half, Peter Guelci managed to defend bravely.

In the 59th minute, Marco Rossi made the switch, and Zabolex sent a shin to Sal Denell.

After a while, the match wasn’t sloppy defensively, but that was probably a big problem.

Albania continued to play more dangerously, and Ozuni tried after a pass from his left hand, but went to the middle, but Guelci took it with confidence. Then Gjasula gone not long after the gate breasts.

Sally Denil is the first to start in the Hungarian clubFooter: Csudai Sndor – Origo

Both Fed captain captains tried to join Frissten’s team, chief from Uzuni sCikalleshi to Broja and Manaj. On the Hungarian team, Kleinheisler Sesel replaced Nagy Demot and Vcsei Blint replaced Salai Roland. With this, Vcsei entered the galactic network again in 2014.

In the 74th minute, only one inch was brought into the Hungarian gum, after a free kick from Szoboszlai Willy Orben headed to the center of the goal, and Atilla Szlai hit the ball into the goal.

The Hungarian team did not break the situation either, and in the following minutes they made long shots, but Berisha confidently defended them.

In the 80th minute, cold showers came, and Albania took the lead.

The caught gl player grabbed the Hungarian bitch, because the player in the hair was completely out of place. The result did not change in Hetralf’s time, our national team lost the Bentel 1-0.

Marco Rossi, captain of Hungary’s captain, in the World Cup qualifier against AlbaniaFurres: MTI / Ellis Tibor

With this, almost every relay’s chances went for Marco Rossi’s team to finish second, with the Hungarians up nine points against the undefeated English, the second and third Poles.

The result of the seventh round, Group A: Hungary – Albania 0-1 (0-0)
Bosques Arna, BC: Carlos del Cerro Grande (in Spanish)
glszerzk: Broja (80.)

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