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Marc-Andre Fleury is challenging the NHL

Marc-Andre Fleury is challenging the NHL

Marc-Andre Fleury, one of the porters’ choice, has sold a mask honoring women and their indigenous races, and the National Hockey League (LNH) has even discontinued a competition that could be turned into a new Ligue sur Le Port des special uniform policy.

The 38-year-old Quebecois goalkeeper called on Indigenous artist Cole Redhorse Taylor to create a special mask in anticipation of the Soirée Héritage des Premières Nations, organized by the Wild du Minnesota. The equipment also uses the mask to promote candy, with profits not limited to the St. Paul Foundation.

Marc-Andre Fleury and Cole Redhorse Taylor

Photo: Gracieuseté: Shell Shock Designs

The white mask aux couleurs du Wild features engravings on the back, including a quote from Père de Fleury as well as the name of his sons. This world honors women who belong to the indigenous races (A new window).

Fleury’s face was well and truly covered by a mask when he was blacked out on the roof for a run before the Wild’s game against the Colorado Avalanche. Philip Gustafson was the Wild’s honorary guardian.

Ceylon The athlete, Florrie reported that LNH refuses to play with the mask, even during the blowing period. The player’s agent, Alan Walsh, stated on the X social network that the guard takes over when he holds the mask and pushes the patch to avoid the rules. Il added that LNH later threatened the Wild organization with a significant additional fine.

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The agent also conducts a surveillance mission against Commissioner Gary Bateman.

LNH refuses to let Marc-André Fleury wear a specially made mask to the Héritage des Premières Nations concert, here’s everything you need to know about LNH de Gary Bettman. Is hockey for the whole world?

Marc Andre Fleury mask.

Quebec goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleury wants to carry the mask that honors the First Nations that botched the NHL’s ban.

Photo: Gracieuseté: Shell Shock Designs

Political flow

This season, LNH has decided that teams will no longer be able to wear special uniforms during pre-match warm-ups, Gary Bettman announced in June.

The Commissioner indicates that the special uniform is out A distraction very important.

In October, fullback Travis Dermott was used from the Rainbow Reds in the face of a league violation. In response, a statement will be published stating this Players maintain the possibility, on a voluntary basis, by representing social causes with their stickers throughout the seasonWithout any details if this is modified with player equipment, such as a fluorescent mask.

In the final year, the Fire Stones caused controversy when some players, notably Ivan Provorov, of the Philadelphia Flyers, and Andrey Kuzmenko, of the Vancouver Canucks, refused to porter.

At the end of the last season, in addition to closing the special uniforms, LNH also announced the end of thematic nights, which include not only fire nights, but also for black history , to fight cancer or to support the regime’s forces.

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