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Many useful functions will be added to Windows 11 within weeks

Many useful functions will be added to Windows 11 within weeks

On the last day of February, Microsoft revealed the latest improvements to Windows 11. It seems that AI functionality will be featured this time as well.

03.03.2024 – On the last day of February, Microsoft unveiled the upcoming innovations. Some of them can already be guessed in advance, but there are also developments that the Redmond giant has managed to keep completely secret. Microsoft will deliver the updates listed below to existing Windows 11 owners within the next month or two. Users using the old version 22H2 will also get a lot of new features, but there will also be some features that can only be activated with the newer version 23H2.

It is important to note that Microsoft Windows Update packages are not activated at the same time for everyone, that is, even within the same household there can be a difference of one to two weeks between the arrival of new functions. Some of the new features will be handled by the update app, but there will also be some features that the Store update mechanism will be responsible for. However, the April monthly update package is sure to contain most of the new features, so it's possible to hold off on installing it until then.

Windows 11 Copilot

The new Windows 11 update will bring many useful innovations

In a recent blog post, Microsoft also detailed it Collect it These updates:

  • Microsoft's AI assistant, Copilot, will be expanded with accessories in the coming period. Major manufacturers such as Shopify, Klarna or Kayak are also involved.
  • Integrated co-pilot functions will also be improved. The AI ​​assistant will be able to perform more complex operations, and will also have better access to network-related information.
  • The files didn't lie, the phones ran the Android operating system Actually as a webcam Can be used in Windows. Instead of the fall, it could arrive in the coming weeks.
  • The sharing panel will also be updated, with Snapchat, WhatsApp or Instagram sharing now being just one click away.
  • The Clipchamp video editor and photo editing apps are also being developed, and Microsoft is providing them with many AI functions.
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Therefore, it is worth waiting for the above-mentioned changes in the coming weeks, and all users will receive them by mid-April at the latest. Hopefully this time Microsoft won't make a big mistake with updates, unfortunately there have been many unpleasant bugs in recent months.

source: Computer forum

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