Many say it's not cheating, but it destroys relationships - you shouldn't do it online - relationship

Many say it’s not cheating, but it destroys relationships – you shouldn’t do it online – relationship

A gentle compliment, flirtatious messages, a few erotic hints – according to many, this online flirtation is completely harmless, is not considered cheating, and does not have a bad effect on lasting relationships. But is this really so?

A new study looked at what similar online behavior does to long-term relationships, and they came to different conclusions. According to experience, it is more harmful than most people think.

The effect of online dating on relationships

The data published in the Journal of Interpersonal Relationships was also analyzed by Mindbodygreen. The study included two smaller studies, in both subjects living in monogamous romantic relationships who spoke to an attractive person online, who was actually a member of the research group. The person flirted with half of the participants directly, and was neutral with members of the other group.

In one study, people reported how attracted they were to their current partner after chatting and then had to complete a task that revealed their unconscious attitudes toward their partner. In the second study, participants were asked to write down the first sexual fantasy that came to their mind after the flirtatious messages, which were then analyzed by experts to assess how much they wanted to find their partner at that time.

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The results showed that online flirting was not at all harmful to relationships: those who flirted with them had a worse long-term relationship with their partner, were more likely to desire the mysterious and attractive person than their partner, and were more likely to desire it. included in their sexual fantasies. In general, online flirtation had a negative effect, even if someone was not really interested in it, it led to the person seeing their current partner in a worse light, having a different attitude towards him, and less wanting to find him less attractive.

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So the research draws attention to the fact that online flirting, which many consider innocent, can actually weaken relationships, reduce commitment, and break up the relationship between both parties.

flirting signs

The art of flirting may seem simple: just a smile or a mysterious look, and the other person can already see that the lady who is looking at him wants to take the initiative. Although the situation is really simple in the movies, not everything goes smoothly in real life. The researchers thought they would try to help a little, so they looked at exactly the most obvious and important components of courtship.

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