Many rushed to reopen Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants in New Zealand to the point where they ran out of meat

Due to a meat shortage, many restaurants are now forced to close for several days. At a couple McDonald’s restaurants, shoppers get a BigMac without a salad.

In New Zealand, fast food restaurants could reopen from Monday, with people standing in long lines in front of them to eat again at Meki, or KFC. A spokesman for the latter told the local press that due to an “unprecedented demand” they had to close a few restaurants again after the opening because chickens had run out.

The fast food chain said it cannot open any of its restaurants in Ivercargill because there is nothing to offer to guests who now have to wait two days to eat KFC again. Local newspapers reported that they will be closed on Thursday and Friday and are expected to open only at one o’clock in the afternoon local time.

McDonald’s announced on Wednesday that many of its restaurants are lacking in lettuce leaves, and while their suppliers have been trying to solve the situation, for a while, they can only order a Big Mac sandwich without a salad for a while.

A company spokesperson said this has been one of the busiest days in the past 40 years in New Zealand. A lot has turned up in the chain of fast food stores, as the City of Christchurch has also referred transportation center personnel to some restaurants due to the huge traffic jams in which I grew up.

Pictured is Kentucky Fried Chicken mascots at the New Zealand rugby match on March 31. Photo: Gettyimages / Dianne Manson

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