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Many promoters and boxers are embarrassed by gangster Daniel Kinahan

about 2 years ago Our paper also mentioned about itThat Irish gangster Daniel Kinahan, who has been traded in several countries, also joined Fury v. Joshua’s (ultimately unfulfilled) confrontation caused a scandal, as did the fact that world-leading WBC heavyweight team Fury called the criminal a friend. Kinahan hasn’t fully broken up with professional boxing lately – he was eg formerly a co-founder of the MGM (Macklins Gym Marbella) promotion, later run as MTK Global – and recently negotiated with Top Rank leader Bob Arum and WBC president Mauricio Solomon, the sporting leaders have been Entrepreneurs are positive about it. But the dice was turned earlier this week as the US Treasury announced sanctions against Kinahan and several of his associates’ families, so Kinahan’s funds in US banks are now frozen, and authorities have offered a $5 million reward to anyone who provides useful information. . capture.

This in and of itself may not necessarily be news on the boxing side, but an important line of the story is that the police and investigative authorities now consider any person or company that has a business relationship with the Kinahan Clan a criminal, who may influence the previously mentioned Top Rank, or Tyson Fury, Or the undisputed global leader Josh Taylor, or the recently founded Propillum promotion of Richard Schaefer, who was rumored (eventually debunked) to be one of the owners or shareholders of Keihanan. Arum has already indicated that he will cut all ties with Kinahan, and Propelum also distanced himself from the criminal in an official statement, but this situation may still be uncomfortable for Solomon, given that he assured Kinahan of his support only a month ago.

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