Many of them also saw a mysterious object illuminated blue over Hawaii

Many of them also saw a mysterious object illuminated blue over Hawaii

While a Harvard University professor reached the news that he believed we were in contact with extraterrestrials early in 2017, he described the assumption that meeting aliens would look like a giant flying saucer would appear over New York, an island in Hawaii. However, according to its residents, the latter would have happened.

HawaiiNewsNow is a television newscast Transfer Many saw an alien body emitting a strong blue light over Oahu. Witnesses said that several video clips were taken of a flying object moving at high speed.

The blue-lit UFO was spotted on the island that also hosts Honolulu last Tuesday, around midnight local time. One of them, a 38-year-old woman, told HawaiiNewsNow that she doesn’t really believe in flying saucers yet, but the scene made her totally insecure.

the only Moria He said the woman who called her jumped into a car and started following the object, which he described as being larger than a telephone pole and not making any sound. He said that the UFO eventually disappeared into the ocean.

The woman reported the incident to the police, who told HawaiiNewsNow of interest that she had no information about the alleged UFO, but she did report to the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). A spokesman for the organization said that no aircraft had disappeared from the radar in the area at that time, and they were not aware of the loss of any aircraft.

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