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Manufacturing performance grew at a record rate in April in the US

In April, the US manufacturing PMI rose from 59.1 in March to 60.5, the highest level ever.

Initial BMI was slightly higher at 60.6. The final value reached in April is the highest Markit has recorded since the surveys began in May 2007.

A BMI value greater than 50 points determines the rate of growth in the performance of the studied economic activity, and a value less than 50 points determines the rate of decline.

The increase in BMI in April is mainly due to an increase in production value as well as new orders, which have not increased as much as it has now since April 2010. However, unprecedented disruptions in the supply chain occurred in April, which in turn is a symptom of improvement Operating conditions more than deteriorating conditions. However, supply chain disruption exacerbated the business confidence index somewhat. The rise in commodity prices has led to the highest increase in purchasing costs since July 2008, which in turn will lead to higher commodity prices.


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