Manu Ríos and Arón Piper appear again in the new Netflix series

The two stars of the Netflix series Élite can be seen together again in a new production. But while Manu Ríos and Arón Piper played a gay couple in Élite, mute (in Hungarian In captivity of silence) in the series they play deadly enemies.

The new Spanish-language series, titled El Silencio, focuses on the character Sergio (played by Piper), who has been completely silent since his parents were murdered. After being released from prison after six years, Sergio enters a monitoring program where a psychiatrist tries to discover why he is so silent.

Rios plays the character Eneko. The cast also includes Almudena Amor as Ana, Christina Covanni as Marta, and Aitor Luna as Cabrera.

Piper Elite’s character, Ander, is introduced in the first season of Elite, and his character is soon revealed to be gay. Rios first appears as Patrick in Season 4 and begins an affair with fan-favorite couple Ander and Omar (played by Omar Ayuso).

In order to make time for other projects, Piper left Élite after filming the fourth season. Meanwhile, Rios remained with the series between the fourth and sixth seasons. Rios will also appear in Pedro Almodovar’s upcoming Strange Way of Life.

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