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Maklár jumpers brought shiny Soroxar medals

Maklár jumpers brought shiny Soroxar medals

The Maklár girls have also found success in other competitions, so for example, competitors in the junior and children’s age groups have come home with many medals.

Their results in detail:

Seniors category, individual competitions:

Lilla Hanuszik was able to climb to the top of the podium in 30 seconds, followed by Regina Bozsik in second place.
Diána Zelei took home a bronze medal in her 180s sprint.
Regina Bozsik took second place in the freely chosen exercises.

Senior Team Competitions:

In doubles, Lilla Hanuszik and Diána Zelei took home a gold medal.
In speed formation, Regina Buzek, Lila Hanuzek, Dorotea Zili, and Diana Zili placed first, and Molly Fulop, Emma Hollow, Anna Horvath, and Ori Imici placed third.
In DD3 speed, Regina Buzek, Dorotea Zili, Diana Zili, first place.
DD4 Speed, Regina Buzek, Lila Hanuzek, Dorotea Zili, Diana Zili finished first.
Regina Buzek, Lila Hanuzek, Dorothea Zele and Diana Zele 1st place and Molly Fulop, Emma Hollow, Anna Horvath and Uri Emesi 3rd place in the Free Pick formation exercise.
DD3 free-choice exercise Lilla Hanuszik, Dorottya Zelei, and Diána Zelei 1st.
DD4 in exercise Freely selected Regina Buzek, Lila Hanushek, Dorotea Zili, Diana Zili 2nd place
In the Chinese event, Emma Holo and Emise Uri were called to the third step of the podium.

Individual results for the age group:

Sára Magyar managed to enjoy a shiny silver medal in the 30-second sprint.
Among the freely chosen exercises, the Prokaj Boglárka exercise won second place.

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Youth team competitions:

Sára Magyar and Zselyke Mester each took bronze medals in the doubles.
In the formation speed Lara Kalou, Sara Magyar, Zeliki Meester, Brokaj Poglarka took third place.
In DD3 speed, Lara Kalou, Brokaj Boglarka, Sara Magyar finished second.
Lara Kalou, Meester Zelecki, Sara Magyar and Brokaj Poglarka finished second in the DD4 race, followed by Zsumbor Chacko, Szonga Keresztori, Lilin Kees and Diana Molnar in third place on the podium.
Lara Kalou and Brokaj Poglarka proved invincible in the free-choice doubles exercise, so they took the top spot.
1st place in the DD3 free selection exercise Lara Kalou, Procage Boglarca, Sara Magyar.
DD4 in freely selected practice Bernadette Palazzi, Lara Calo, Sara Magyar, Meester Zelecki 2nd place
Lara Kalou and Sara Magyar finished second in the Chinese event, while Bernadette Palazzi and Meester Zelecki finished third.

Individual competitions for the age group of children:

Dorka Palotai finished first, Lottie Karcsay second, and Singh Molnar third in a 30-second sprint.
With her freely chosen exercise, Dorka Palotai earned a silver medal.

Children’s team competitions

Dorka Palotai and Csenge Molnár won silver medals in doubles.
In formation speed Lotti Karcsai, Adél Papp, Patricia Tóth and Kamilla Vinczepap 2nd place, Hanna Fónagy, Csenge Molnár, Dorka Palotai and Gréta Tóth 3rd place
In DD3 speed Lotti Karcsai, Szonja Kereszturi, Adél Papp 2nd, Lia Birinyi, Sára Garamvölgyi, Aliz Szabó 3rd
In DD4 sprint, Hanna Fónagy, Dorka Palotai, Kamilla Pelyhe and Csenge Molnár took first place, followed by Lotti Karcsai, Lili Kovács, Adél Papp and Kamilla Vinczepap second on the podium.
Hanna Fónagy and Dorka Palotai proved invincible in the pairs free choice exercise, so they took first place.
Second place in the free selection exercise Camila Pele, Singh Molnar, Greta Toth and Camila Vincibab.
In the DD3 free-choice exercise, Lotti Karcsai, Szonja Kereszturi and Adél Papp took first place, followed by Lia Birinyi, Sara Garamvölgyi and Aliz Szabó in second place
In the Chinese event, Sára Garamvölgyi and Aliz Szabó managed to climb to the top of the podium, while Lotti Karcsai and Adél Papp finished third.

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