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Major News – The HONOR Magic5 Pro smartphone is now available for pre-order

Major News – The HONOR Magic5 Pro smartphone is now available for pre-order

HONOR’s latest phone, the HONOR Magic5 Pro, is now available for pre-order in the eMag collection, and anyone who takes advantage of this opportunity will receive the HONOR Pad 8 tablet as a gift, which comes with 12 devices. HONOR’s 2K FullView Display and eight powerful speakers bring you an immersive visual world and deliver sound.

The development process of the HONOR Magic5 Pro smartphone was preceded by complex and special research and development.

In the fast-paced world of technological development, it is important to consider the human factors behind innovations. HONOR understands that it is not only necessary to create products that push the boundaries of possibilities, but also those that are closely related to the needs and desires of users. The result of this human-centered thinking is the HONOR Magic5 Pro, which redefines the possibilities of mobile photography through its groundbreaking functionality and research and development innovations.

Central to the device’s exceptional imaging capability is its AI-powered camera system. This cutting-edge technology results in stunning images even in the most challenging environments: be it poorly lit locations or fast-moving subjects. Of course, this performance is not only the result of advanced algorithms and hardware, but the fruit of years of research, experimentation, and collaboration, in which engineers, designers, and user experience experts have all been involved.

The basis of the human-centered philosophy is to understand the needs of users. Not only are people looking for a device that can take beautiful pictures, they want a phone that helps them express their creativity, share their experiences, and communicate with each other. To meet this diverse set of needs, HONOR has invested serious resources in research and development to focus on areas such as computer imaging, artificial intelligence, or image processing.

One of the major innovations in HONOR Magic5 Pro is Falcon’s advanced AI engine. This powerful image processing system intelligently analyzes and optimizes each image, resulting in images that are sharper, more colorful, and more realistic, all with minimal distortion and noise. This engine powers the phone’s unique state-aware function, which automatically adjusts settings for different situations so that each photo is perfectly customized to the subject and environment. In this case, artificial intelligence contributes to the creation of professional-level images.

IMAX Enhanced Movie Master, which results in movie-caliber video productions, is also a pioneering innovation, and is the result of close collaboration between HONOR and IMAX, as the two companies combine their expertise and experience. With stabilization capabilities and advanced color calibration, this feature creates videos that bring out emotions and experiences.

The camera system’s multifunctional, high-resolution main sensor, ultra-wide lens, telephoto and macro optics provide diverse options for everyone to use their creativity. With computer imaging technologies, such as night mode or HDR, you can use or bridge different factor properties.

The true power of technology lies in its ability to inspire and empower people. That’s why HONOR prioritizes a global community of creators, innovators, and storytellers. Therefore, the HONOR Magic5 Pro perfectly illustrates the company’s focus on the human being. As the company explores new areas of mobile technology, it remains true to its original mission: to make products that put people first.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro in black and green colors can already be pre-ordered for HUF 529,990 in the eMAG offer by clicking on the links – each pre-order includes the HONOR Pad 8 tablet.

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