Majka has bought an apartment for both sons and they will also get a car

Now Marian is 12 years old, and Oliver is seven.

the mom and his wife Majorus Hagni They talk a lot about how they can be good parents for their children, and what they could do better to Marianne And to Oliver. Recently submitted a a job He talked about how he’d help his kids get started on podcasting. The show is a story a witness.

I think I arranged a long time ago for my kids to both have an apartment to start with, get a car, and I’d get in if they wanted to do something as a partner. But on earth, I don’t want to build an empire and pass it on to them. Or, let’s face it, from above, when I look down—or from below, when I look up—that they become like one or two seedlings that live well in my environment, and have everything. And those who have practically no idea about the system of values ​​and values

Majka said. He said he was very proud of his sons because they are well-behaved, respectful, very emotional and kind children.

He also talked about how he now thinks twice about what kind of work he does and how much.

The problem is that my profession, which I currently live at – and do quite well – makes life very convenient. In the past 20 years, until I got to the point where I live the way I live, I worked a lot. And I don’t sell sack cats, and I don’t want to do a lot of work anymore. I don’t feel like getting up on a Monday morning – even if it hurts someone else – and I don’t feel like working twelve hours a day. I want to live life this way and we can include family, hajini, children, work, music and everything else I want to make him happy. I think if I’m happy, then I can make those around me happy, and then I’ll be a good actor in a TV show, and then I’ll be able to write good songs. What I do makes life comfortable, especially because I can go away on weekends and earn enough. My basic theory is that you don’t need more than enough.

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