Magyar editor-in-chief Nemzet, who was legally convicted of defamation, left

He will be replaced by Laszlo Nezo, who previously supervised the county’s newspapers.

There has been a change in editor-in-chief Hungarian nation On top of the media producer. The new editor-in-chief was announced to the staff at the meeting of the staff of the editorial office, and Hungarian present and the media The change has already been implemented in the Magyar Nemzet footprint.

Accordingly Laszlo watcher The former editor-in-chief can sit down Tamas Tut Hollow instead of.

In 2020, László Néző was appointed Chief Online and Print Editor of the Central Editorial Office of Mediaworks, the media organization of the government party, which publishes daily newspapers and several other media outlets in addition to Magyar Nemzet.

the Our home landscape He also writes free publishing, and before that, Lorenc butcher From the province of Veszprém after taking over his company note He is also the editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper volts briefly. Video sharing audiences and TV viewers, for example, are a Psalm Baer led Press Club Also from the pro-government entertainment show They may know his face.

Tamas Tut Hulu has been at the helm of the newspaper since February 2020. At the beginning of last year, he and one of the newspaper’s employees, a Philip Zamer using an alias With Peter Csikzai All together, the court found him legally guilty of defamation Timea Szabo Because the dialogue actor is locked.

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