Magnussen, who got in the way of Hamilton, escaped from the penalty spot – he is in fourth place!

Despite Lewis Hamilton’s fending off, Kevin Magnussen can hold onto his respectable fourth-place start in Miami.

What gave others a blow with sticks was a great result for him. We had already seen during free practice that the Miami track was ready for Haas, but while they were expecting to get into Q3, Kevin Magnussen, who beat his teammate in qualifying for the first time this year, is unlikely to get a fourth pole. for them.

At the same time, their best result of the year, achieved with the help of big men at fault, is jeopardized by an investigation. In the first quarter, Lewis Hamilton got in the way of Magnussen at the last corner, and the Briton managed to crash into the wall during his dribbling maneuver.

The FIA ​​investigated what happened, but the Danish driver eventually escaped punishment, so he remained fourth. During the investigation, it was established first of all that Magnussen was on a slow lap, but there was another car in front of him, because of which he was moving very slowly.

Kevin Magnussen (Photo: XPB)

“The 44th car was on the first lap and saw the 20th car at the end of the straight. The unexpectedly large difference in speed meant the 44th car had to take an evasive maneuver to avoid a collision.”

Given that none of the cars were on a fast lap and that there was another slow car in front of the #20 car, we did not judge that either driver was driving dangerously. Since they were not on a fast lap, there was no question of holding each other. With that in mind, we have decided that no further action is necessary.”

– The FIA ​​justified its decision.

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Prior to the investigation, Magnussen said the incident occurred in a no-bets round for both of them. “It wasn’t a fast lap, it was a slow lap. I wanted to start another lap, he stopped. I don’t really know what happened. Maybe he was pressed for time with the pit stop and wanted to start his second lap, so he raced to the pits. In the meantime, I started a new lap ” Magnussen explained.

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