Magic: Legends Open Beta has begun

Magic: Legends Open Beta has begun


From now on, anyone can try an RPG based on Magic: The Gathering.

3/24/2021 18:57 | Jerig | Category: Game

a Coded Studios, Which specializes in the MMORPG genre, is still RPG, but this time without frills online multiplayer. this is Magic: MythsBased on the well-deservedly popular Magic: The Gathering Card game.

Players are now free to try the RPG for the Diablo series, as the open beta began that day. The trial version, which is currently available on PC only Archer game launcher Or that Epic Games StoreIt can be downloaded via both sources providing various additional content. The first comes with a Gavony Vigilante outfit, summonable Ogre Mortar with Bruiser leather, and important player boosts. In the latter, the Moorland Ranger Outfit, Moorland Ranger Werewolf skin and two boost drops are the rewards. However, it can only be obtained until April 6.

The developers plan to leave the beta version of Magic: Legends later this year and release the full version, which is also free. Then, in addition to PC, the role-playing game will also appear on PlaySation 4 and Xbox One. ■

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