Magdy Roza announced with an impressive recording: The next one is coming

It’s hard to believe how well Magdy Roza manages her life. When he won the Megastar Award, no one could have expected that he would do such great things. Now she’s one of the number one female singers in the country, and she’s also doing a great job raising her triplets.

Magdy Roza can be proud of what she has achieved. Photo: YouTube

We can already guess that she was someone special when Magdy Rosa first appeared in Megastar. He was only 19 years old when he appeared on the third series of the talent show and instantly impressed the judges. Soon after, he won the competition, thus entering the history of Hungarian music forever.

After that, he achieved success after success: his albums, singles, and music videos were constantly being released, and because of this, his fan base grew more and more. And when she announced that she was going to have triplets, everyone shared the singer’s happiness, but at the same time, many began to doubt how she was getting the time and energy into her career with the many tasks of motherhood.

However, according to the indications, Magdy Roza is able to manage her life very well, because she has not seen any harm in motherhood. She also works a lot with her kids, and her career continues to skyrocket. Now, for example, he has caught the attention of the public on the Sztárban Sztár program, and he also brought great news.

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