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Macron is concerned about the infiltration of the right

Macron is concerned about the infiltration of the right

Editorial image: Anadolu via AFP

French President Emmanuel Macron warned a few days ago that after this year's European Parliament elections, there is a risk that the European Union will be blocked due to the large presence of the “far-right” in the European Parliament. written by EURACTIV.

“If France sends a very large far-right delegation, and if other large countries do the same, Europe could stop.”

Macron said on French television after commemorating the landings in Normandy.

“Because what does a Europe look like where the far right is strong?” He asked the question and warned of the danger of paralyzing the decision-making process. he added: “On June 9, we must protect those who fight for Europe, because Europe will protect us.”

The French president is not really in a good position, because according to public opinion polls, the right – according to Macron, the extreme right – is leading by a large margin. Opinion polls indicate that Macron's centrist ruling coalition will receive only half the votes of the right-wing National Unity Party.

It would be a major setback for the president.

The president warned the French not to make the “mistake” that Britain made in the 2016 Brexit referendum. “Come on, go vote on June 9, it's very important. I say this because I always think of our British friends who didn't go to vote on Brexit day. If we don't go to vote, we are entrusting the future of our continent and our country to others.” – Tell.

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Macron has repeatedly used the term “obstructionist minority” in reference to the rise of right-wing movements across the European Union.

According to the EU treaties, the presence of an obstructive minority in the European Council requires the presence of at least four countries, which together represent more than 35% of the population of the member states.

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