Macron called on Europe to wake up

According to the French president, we have become dependent, while we can be the third pole.

Emmanuel Macron According to the French head of state, the EU should not follow the example of the United States or China on the Taiwan issue.

It would be the worst thing if we Europeans thought we should follow anyone on the Taiwan issue and adapt to the American tempo and the Chinese overreaction.

– said the French president in an interview published in the Sunday newspaper Les Échos, which was watched by MTI.

Emmanuel Macron was interviewed by a leading French economic newspaper during his visit to Beijing before the Chinese military began a three-day military exercise in the Taiwan Strait on Saturday following the Taiwan president. Kai Jingwen In the United States, he met with the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, With Kevin McCarthy.

The French president called on Europe to “wake up”.

Our priority is not to adapt to the system of saving others in every region of the world

Emmanuel Macron said.

The French president discussed the Taiwan issue in Beijing on Friday Xi Jinping with the Chinese president.

According to the French Presidency, “the discussion was meaningful and sincere” between the two parties “about the exacerbation of tensions in the region.

According to Emmanuel Macron, Europe’s task is to establish its “strategic independence,” and thus he warned in the interview against the acceleration of the bipolar conflict between China and the United States, which leaves “neither the time nor the financial means to create strategic independence.” .

We became dependent, while we could be the third pole if we had a few years left to create it. It would be paradoxical that at the very moment we lay the foundations for true European strategic independence, we would begin to follow American policy, panicking

said the chief.

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Praising the French president for having “won the ideological battle” within the European Union, he called for “strengthening European defense policy” and “accelerating the fight for nuclear and renewable energy.”

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