MacBook Air can also be colored by Apple

MacBook Air can also be colored by Apple

Plus your laptop can get the same thickness everywhere.

Celebrity John Prosser has found new rumors about this year’s MacBook Air laptops, with a leak claiming to follow the example of the latest iMac in the popular family of laptops as well. He did not disclose the photos provided by his sources, but he was able to create 3D displays with a third party based on them, which he provided in his last video.

This is what the 2021 MacBook Air looks likeForrás: John Prosser x Renders by Ian

Sources did not specifically specify which model the information was provided for, but according to the very few outlets, Prosser ruled out that this year’s MacBook Pro is a popular topic. Simple MacBooks are virtually dead, so on a foreclosure basis, it’s likely the next MacBook Air.

If the new MacBook Air is really visible in the photos, then in addition to the pastel-colored cover, the use of the same thickness of the engine compartment would be another novelty, that is, the laptop case will not deflect towards the user. Also, the shots around the screen may take on a white color, but it’s not clear how intense they are, and it’s not worth drawing conclusions about the displays.

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