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Lyles became the king of sprinters, after a dramatic scenario, winning gold in the women’s javelin throw and triple jump

Lyles became the king of sprinters, after a dramatic scenario, winning gold in the women’s javelin throw and triple jump

There were three events of Hungarian importance in the program on Friday evening for the World Championships in Athletics in Budapest. Ask Bianca Semi-finals.

In the men’s relay, the Hungarian team was placed in the first race, qualifying with two best times as well as a top three. The first man of the four Dominic Elofsky There were those who started between the Japanese and Jamaican runners on the sixth track, but in this race they started with the world champions in the 100 meters category, With Christian Coleman And With Fred Curley Straight Americans too.

Elovsky Pink Boros Handed shift stick, then Daniel Szabo He follows Rev. Mark He finished with a time of 39.55 seconds, the best in the relay this year. Thus, the Hungarian quartet is in sixth place, and the Germans and the Dutch also deteriorated. The Americans won the race with a time of 37.67 seconds, the best time in the world this year. In general, the Hungarian relay took thirteenth place.

The women’s 4×100 relay set a national record of 43.38 seconds and finished 14th. In the second race, the Hungarian relay team started from the individual track. Greta Kikiris They reacted the quickest from the field but the start was called back and the Poles were warned. Kirikis had a good start for the second time, Justina Tsoti As the rhythm weave perfectly, Buglarca takax He passed his Brazilian opponent as he ran down the second lane, Anna Luca Kocsis And it maintained its supremacy over South America. The Nigerians did not reach the finish line, with the Hungarian four finishing seventh in the race.

Bianca Keri qualified for the second race in the 800m and was at the end of the field in heat one, keen not to break away. Then he started moving forward at 600 metres, and at the final bend he ran into third place. However, he did not deal with poetry well, so the others passed him one after the other, and in the end he finished eighth with a time of 2:01.68 minutes.

The women’s triple jump and javelin finals were decided according to the same scenario: Yulimar Rojas And Haruka Kitaguchi He also took the lead on his final attempt and took the gold medal. Rojas, a one-time Olympic and three-time world champion, had just qualified for the quarter-finals and was eighth going into the sixth round, before winning his fourth consecutive World Cup gold with a jump of 15.08 metres.


Ecuadorian javelin thrower Flor Denis Ruiz Hurtado, whose best to date in a major world competition was an Olympic ninth place, led all the way to the sixth series with a distance of 65.47m which he reached for the first time. However, next came Japan’s world-ranking Kitaguchi – who was the only one in the field whose attempts were all over 60m – and won the world title with a distance of 66.73m.

Race day on Friday concluded with the 200m finals, and to my bit of surprise, neither of them were really exciting. There was a defense of the Jamaican women’s title Sherica Jackson He clocked 21.41 seconds, the second-best 200 second of all time, just seven hundredth behind. Florence Griffith Joyner He escaped his own world record in 1988.

He is the winner of the men’s 100-meter event in Budapest, the defending World Cup champion, and the second American in the Olympiad. Noah Lyles He emerged from the field based on the semi-finals, in which he was, among others, the defending Olympic champion – but this year was troubled by injuries – the Canadian Andre de Grasseand the American Erion Knighton And kenneth Bednarik, So is Top 100 Companies, Botswana Letsell Tebogo And the British Jarnell Hughes They were there too.

After the start, the best men ran the corner together, and Lyles came to the finish line with Bednarek, Nayton, and Thibogo, and from there pulled away from them. He pulled away step by step and the only question was the winner’s time, which finished with 19.52 seconds.

Friday’s podium finishers:

Men’s 200m (-0.2m/sec):
1. Noah Lyles (USA), 19.52 seconds
2. Erion Knighton (USA), 19.75
3. Letsel Tebogo (Botswana) 19.81

Women’s 200m (+0.1m/s):
1. Sherica Jackson (Jamaica), 21.41 seconds
2. Gabriel Thomas (USA), 21.81
3. Shakari Richardson (USA), 21.92

Women’s triple jump:
1. Yulimar Rojas (Venezuela), 15.08m
2. Marina Bek Romanchuk (Ukraine) 15.00
3. Llanis Perez Hernandez (Cuba), 14.96

Women’s javelin throw, world champion:
1. Haruki Kitajusi (Japan), 66.73m
2. Flor Denis Ruiz Hurtado (Colombia), 65.47
3. Mackenzie Little (Australia) 63.38

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