He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – Dating In College

 I loved real, real hard once, but the love wasn’t returned. Found out the man I’d die for, he wasn’t even concerned.

I felt every ounce of Lauyrn Hill’s poetic genius and I’m sure 1/2 of America did. Everyone, whether your pride will let you admit it or not, has loved someone that you know via screen shots, he say she say, and that late night creep through their cell phone, doesn’t deserve the love you are genuinely giving. Figuring that out is the easy part but now what’s next?

After you discover a person doesn’t deserve you how do you escape the vicious cycle of “you love me, you love me nots”.

lauryn-hill1.You must first realize what you deserve. Sounds simple but a lot of people don’t realize or want to accept the fact they deserve better. You are never going to be able to take the next step if you don’t know your worth. If you are crying and trying to catch them in their next lie more than you are smiling and just simply enjoying their presence, you deserve better.

2. Speak on your concerns. Communication is the key in any relationship and people don’t talk anymore. Maybe this person has been in relationships where the things they are doing that make you unhappy were acceptable. Tell them what you know you deserve and what you are not going to tolerate. After your heart to heart if things change don’t move on to #3.

3. Accept the facts you can’t change someone. You can’t make someone appreciate your love. That’s something they have to realize on their own. Accept the fact they may not be ready for what you’re ready for. Accept the fact no one can change until they are ready.

4. Pick up the pieces to your heart and make your exit. Don’t linger with a person who doesn’t deserve you. As long as they know you’ll stay those same games they will always play. Did I just rhyme? But I’m being serious. Staying in a relationship when you are not getting the love you deserve will hurt more than it will help. It will damage your heart and make you resentful and hard to love because you think everyone is going to be the same.

I know accepting the fact that the person you thought you would be spending forever with is promising that same forever to everyone on their timeline but remember what you deserve. If you decide to stay on your emotional roller coaster just remember what you need might pass you by while all this person can do is make you cry.


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