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Lottery Scam – Are you still playing the lottery after this?!

Lottery Scam – Are you still playing the lottery after this?!


Throughout the history of lottery fraud, incidents have occurred in many countries that have drawn attention to the importance of game integrity. These cases not only shocked the public, but also often led to changes in the lottery's security protocols. In our article, we will now present some important cases that occurred around the world.

1. AZ in 1980, as “Triple Six Fix” in Pennsylvania

When and where did this happen? April 24, 1980, Pennsylvania, USA.

Way to cheat: In this case, a criminal gang decided to rig the daily draw. The cheating method was to weigh or paint some ping pong balls to increase the probability of choosing certain numbers. The perpetrators placed large sums of money on the number “666” in various lotteries. The scam was successful and the criminals made more than $1.8 million, although they were eventually caught and convicted.

2. “Hot Lotto” scam.

When and where did this happen? 2010-2015, Iowa, USA.

Way to cheat: Eddie Tipton, director of security for the Multi-State Lottery Association, used his access to lottery machine software. Tipton incorporated a code that allowed him to predict the winning numbers in the lottery on certain days that he had specified in advance. Using this knowledge, he instructed friends and family members to purchase the winning tickets. They won victories in several states before Tipton's fall. After the scam was exposed, major changes were made to the security of lottery drawings.

Lottery drawing and cheating

3. “Serbia State Lottery” is a scam

When and where did this happen? July 2015, Serbia.

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Way to cheat: In the live broadcast of the Serbian government lottery draw, one of the winning numbers was mistakenly displayed on the screen before the lottery machine drew it. After the drawing, the lottery organization's leaders claimed that the whole thing was just an accidental technical error, but the public widely suspected fraud.

An investigation was opened in the wake of the scandal, but no clear evidence of fraud was found. But the incident raised serious questions about the game's transparency and reliability.

4. Italian “lottery scam.”

When and where did this happen? 1990s, Italy.

Way to cheat: This case concerns a mafia group called the Camorra, which allegedly influenced the results of lottery draws in Naples and other areas in southern Italy. Members of the group allegedly bribed lottery employees and other key personnel to manipulate lottery results. The details of the scam are not entirely clear, as in many cases sophisticated methods were used to conceal the criminal acts. In the wake of the scandal, the Italian Lottery's security measures were strengthened.

These cases highlight that lottery fraud represents a serious challenge for gaming operators around the world. Continuously improving security and ensuring transparency is key to maintaining player trust.

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