Lots of promising projects for Stadia 'reorganization' have been thrown out

Lots of promising projects for Stadia ‘reorganization’ have been thrown out

We’ve also reported that Google has nearly reorganized its video game platform, Stadia: In-house developers have been bombed and a host of unannounced projects have been cut short. Not long ago, the famous Bloomberg journalist talked about the reasons (in short, a lot of money was spent attracting foreign headlines while subscriber numbers were below expectations), but now it turns out that it is not only its own developments, but also a host of promising titles in the soup. It went through the current “realignment” process. Internal sources asserted that not only did our studios never work, but the company also unilaterally made agreements that looked really good.

First, it turns out Google was going to sponsor a sequel to the exclusive Stadia’s Journey to the Savage Planet – but they ended up dancing outside of it. Just as there would be nothing from the project led by Hideo Kojima that was actually contracted, nor from what was to be done by Yu Suzuki (Shenmue). Metal Gear Solid’s father and Death Stranding was plotting a horror streak on the platform, in fact, the whole thing was in his head and he got off to work when Phil Harrison, the head of Stadia, used the parking brake last year. But it wasn’t just Kojima’s work that got into the trash: Francois Beland, who also worked on several Splinter Cells and Assassin’s Creed, for example, designed a multiplayer action game for the company before they told him it was. By the way, Google also signed a contract with Harmonix (Rock Band series, Guitar Hero), but perhaps needless to say, this idea also got into the soup.

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What will be the fate of Google Stadia in the future is a big mystery, but based on the fact that not only in-house studios but also outside contracts have been terminated, we have a doubt ….

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