Lőrinc Mészáros made Andrea Varconi’s old wish come true: the couple flew here

The wife of a billionaire businessman and TV businesswoman visited a world-famous place where they enjoyed a performance by a Hungarian artist over a long weekend.

His old wish was fulfilled To Andrea Varconi: with her husband, With Lőrinc Meszáros They were at a concert in London, at The Royal Albert Hall, and they were also able to hear a Hungarian artist.

the eyelash One of its readers reported the incident as follows:

“the Snow Symphonic Concert Show We were at his performance with my girlfriend, and we noticed that Havasi came to the booth behind us during the intermission, where he talked with Lőrinc Mészáros and Andrea Várkonyi, whom we only saw at the time.

They listened and watched the concert at a decent distance, after which I saw them clapping and enjoying the performance several times.”

As it turns out, Andrea Varconi has longed for the legendary 150-plus-year-old Hall of Fame trainer for a long time.

“It was touching to face the storm of applause that broke out, people stood up and celebrated the Hungarian artist”

– said the businesswoman and TV personality to Blake. She added: She spends a long weekend in the English capital with her husband, and in addition to official duties, she also had time to relax and enjoy.

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