Looks like Battlefield 2042 will land in Game Pass soon

Looks like Battlefield 2042 will land in Game Pass soon

Thanks to EA Play, we knew that day would come sooner or later, but it looks like Battlefield 2042 may join the Xbox Game Pass offering much sooner than expected. The shooting may be accompanied by FIFA 22.

PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members may be accustomed to getting the biggest titles from Electronic Arts sooner or later, as the subscription also includes EA Play games. So it was almost certain that over time, Battlefield 2042 would join the show, but this time the lead time could be much shorter than usual. It’s no secret that the shooting that promises massive battles has fallen short of expectations in all respects (as evidenced by the low number of players), so it’s no surprise that EA is already opening up the game to a larger audience as well.

About the above in Polish XGP.pl Editors first reported after noticing that the Game Pass seal had already appeared on the game’s profile in the Microsoft Store. Although EA Play (and thus Game Pass) has so far offered a ten-hour trial to subscribers, the appearance of the Game Pass logo certainly indicates that the full game will be available that way soon, until early next month.

FIFA 22 is on the way.

Football fans can prepare, too, as similar signs point to the arrival of FIFA 22. In the case of the sports game that launched last September, joining EA Play has been slow in time, making it less surprising in this case that the game’s profile It also has a Game Pass stamp.

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