Looks like 27-year-old Carl Sagan's prediction has come true

Looks like 27-year-old Carl Sagan’s prediction has come true

Carl Sagan American astronomer, one of the most famous scientists of the twentieth century, who, as a dedicated educator, aroused the interest of generations in science. The expert not only dealt with issues of space research, but also spoke about other areas. In 1995, for example, he made a prediction about the future of America, which had a rather strange effect 27 years later. The researcher appears to have predicted the emergence of BigTech, disinformation and pseudoscience, among other things, writes IFLScience.

Sagan 1995, a The Demon Haunted World: Science is like a candle in the dark In his book, he showed how the darkest corners of the universe were lit up with the help of science.

At the same time, the expert feared that the pursuit of peace and justice would be undermined by the old friends of mankind: superstition and pseudoscience.

In a clip that has become popular recently, Sagan also discusses what awaits, in his view, the United States if the country loses its commitment to reason, rationality, and openness. The researcher wrote: “Science is more than just knowledge, it is a way of thinking.”

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Sagan envisioned an America for the age of his sons or grandsons that was a service and information economy, with much of the major manufacturing industries moved abroad. In this United States, impressive technological power is in the hands of a small circle. The expert feared that in the America of the future, representatives of the public interest would not be able to understand the problems, the population would not be able to consciously formulate their actions and question the authorities, people would believe in horoscopes and decisive skills, and the country would descend unnoticed into superstition and into the realm of darkness.

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