Looking back, only the concerned sectors receive a wage subsidy, in return for the millions in soccer players ’salaries.”

Looking back, only the concerned sectors receive a wage subsidy, in return for the millions in soccer players ’salaries.”

Details of government support for caterers and other sectors due to business downtime and lost revenue due to the coronavirus epidemic have been revealed, making it more difficult to access than previously thought, he writes. 24 h.

Under the regulation, employers can demand that employees pay half of their monthly salaries after their November wages if they keep that employee until the end of November and receive their previous salaries in full – but the state aid will only be paid in the form of arrears.

In other words, employers will in most cases have to pay their employees full monthly salaries, while in many cases their income has virtually ceased, and they will continue to be paid only half of their wages by the state – a burden that is almost always. Unattainable for many companies in the already affected sector.

The government decree applies to these areas of activity:

  • Mobile Catering Restaurant (TEÁOR 5610),
  • Occasional catering (TEÁOR 5621),
  • Beverage service (TEÁOR 5630),
  • TEÁOR 5914 screening,
  • Organization of conferences and trade fairs (TEÁOR 8230),
  • Sports and recreational training (TEÁOR 8551),
  • Performing Arts (TEÁOR 9001),
  • Complementary to Performing Arts (TEÁOR 9002),
  • Technical Facilities Operation (TEÁOR 9004),
  • Museum activities (TEÁOR 9102),
  • Plant operation, zoo, nature reserve (TEÁOR 9104),
  • Sports Facility Operation (TEÁOR 9311),
  • Sports Federation Activity (TEÁOR 9312),
  • Exercise Service (TEÁOR 9313),
  • Other sports activities (TEÁOR 9319),
  • Amusement park (TEÁOR 9321),
  • Material Welfare Services (TEÁOR 9604), or
  • Other leisure and entertainment activities (TEÁOR 9329)

In addition to the wage subsidy, companies that carry out the activities in question also receive many other benefits: in November, they do not have to pay the social contribution tax, the vocational training contribution, the rehabilitation contribution, and the amount of personal payments should not be considered a tax base. For small businesses.

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This is important because the government pays half the gross wage, but in addition to the total wage, employers bear the costs of the other wages mentioned above, from which the employers are exempt, so if they can benefit from the subsidy, then in principle wage costs (i.e. wages themselves and other costs) It could save more than half by November.

At the same time, the government has not maximized the amount of subsidized wages, which means that it is easy for the benefits not to reach exactly those who need it most.

On Tuesday night, to take advantage of the last opportunity, restaurants were shown in Budapest, our report can be read at the link below.

They don’t want them to remain open in the midst of the pandemic, but for the government to offer them useful help.

Posted by: AgentWednesday 11 November 2020

Since the support is not automatic, but must be provided in the government office, which will decide to grant it within 8 days, it is not yet known when it will be received by employers whose future is very uncertain, and more capital – dense companies with more serious reserves. It will risk your claim, and for now, apparently, no wages

While many struggling small businesses may not be able to afford to hire employees in November that they are unlikely to open by December, they will have to raise half of their gross salaries without revenue.

In addition, like 444 writesAnd professional sports federations are also among the beneficiaries, as according to the newspaper, in many cases there will not be much need for state wage subsidies, yet they can even ask for help in the millions.

For example, the football team Fehérvár is mentioned with 4.4 billion HUF per year and Ferencváros with a salary of 5 billion HUF per year – noting that the average salary last year was 3.3 million HUF in NB1, which means that it will support the salaries of hundreds of HUF Notable football players. It amounts to HUF 1.6 million, at least according to the current form of government decree.

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Additionally, with a minimal share of the team’s revenue from ticket sales, its biggest sources are TAO grants and sponsorships from large state-owned companies – ultimately, the remainder of the athletes’ wages involved are generated from state resources.

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