Long awaited feature is being tested in Google Chrome

Long awaited feature is being tested in Google Chrome

It is not uncommon in today’s world for someone to have up to 10-20-30 pages open in their browser – although this is usually not a good one at all in terms of device memory or transparency. Google recently started investing spectacularly in improvements that can make infamous page openings a relative affair in Chrome. For this purpose, for example, Page groupsOr, to help you move between pages specifically Search Engine.

XDAD Developers StabGoogle is already testing a new switch in Chrome’s developer release, Canary, that should simplify navigation with tab swiping. You can use the mouse wheel to cycle through the open tabs, a feature that’s been around for some time in Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

Another novelty is the tab width adjustment, which makes open tabs appear side by side in a fixed size. It is known that if we have too many tabs open, it will shrink so much that the page name can no longer be read.

Both features are only tested by Google at this time, and you don’t know when they’ll be rolled out in the stable version of Chrome.

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