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Location: Zalaegerszeg, Griff Banszínház

Location: Zalaegerszeg, Griff Banszínház

From the content of the March 27 broadcast.

Emotion, humor and social criticism. All of them are characteristic of puppet shows, while one of their most important goals, in addition to entertainment, is theatrical education. On Mondays, we present the Griff Puppet Theater in Zalaegerszeg. The country’s smallest puppet theater has been operating since 2004 in the Sándor Theater building in Hevesi, with its own playground. The message of their work is best summed up by a quote from the troupe: “We look for what matters to children. And we’ll show you what we find. The secrets that come alive with us in this theater are that we live together as a house: the spectators, and us, the puppeteers. And just as Gryffindor is born again and again, we are born with you.” Again from performance to performance: from craft, art, interest and love.
Our Monday location: Zalaegerszeg, Griff Bánszínház

Venue – Radio Kosuth – Monday, March 27, 11:07

Host: Rudolf Burkert
Editor: Tünde Varga

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