LL Junior's wife can't stand it anymore, she cried in front of the cameras - VIDEO

LL Junior’s wife can’t stand it anymore, she cried in front of the cameras – VIDEO

On the winning pair’s latest broadcast, the girls told LL Jr’s wife that she cried almost instantly.

Last night, a heated debate rocked the walls of the RTL Club Celebrity Couple Winners Contest Villa, as LL Junior’s wife, Kinga Körtvélyessy, and Guszti Molnár’s wife, Vivi Fazekas, fell into each other’s hands at a game. The tension between them has been almost palpable since the beginning of the show, which is probably exactly why the scene between them was so touching.

“I’m disappointed again” – LL Junior’s cup is full, publicly responding to the accusations

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On last night’s show, the girls walked apart and started talking honestly about self-confidence, then Zeta Pataki discovered that everyone should praise Kinga Courtvelici, who was struggling with noticeable complications – and she was fiercely opposed, but had no other choice.

Zeta Pataki told LL Jr’s wife that she thinks she is beautiful. Then came Kamaras Norby’s partner, Udem Karman, who said he had a beautiful smile. And then, Vivi Fazekas shocked everyone by calling her a wonderful man or woman, especially after 9 months of giving birth – Kinga Kourtvelise at first was very embarrassed and then cried from the kindness flowing towards her.

The spectators of the winning pair experienced a special moment, in which LL Junior’s love was seen to be truly amazing, so he couldn’t stand without tears, no matter how hard he tried to show himself on the show.

You can watch the touching scene here:

“You bastard!” – LL Junior is fed up with insulting remarks by Bales Sebastian

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Cover photo: Körtvélyessy Kinga / rtl.hu (screenshot)

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