LL Junior and Kinga Körtvélyessy's divorce turned ugly

LL Junior and Kinga Körtvélyessy’s divorce turned ugly

According to the singer, his wife did not care about the family, looking at Instagram instead.

In an angry Instagram post – which he has since deleted, but can be found everywhere on the internet – LL Junior broadcast the laundry in front of his unsuspecting audience. He didn’t explain here: “Instead of reading the Insta comments and wasting time (editor), you should have gotten off the couch sometimes and taken care of the family or at least teamed up with me! Differences please…Better enjoy my new Range Rover and protect my daughter from consuming tabloids, Because there are very bad examples in the immediate vicinity… With this, I closed it here and now. (Suppose I did it a month ago after 12 months of trying) How much time do people have! – LL Junior wrote on his official Instagram story pepper According to him, he deleted the post about an hour later.

LL Junior and his wife onceSource: LL Junior / Instagram

In any case, Kinga Körtvélyessy was silent, unwilling to comment on the events when asked by Bors, just as LL Junior did not speak the day after he published the post, nor did he respond to newspaper inquiries.

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