Lizardmen, The Matrix, Smoking: Weird Conspiracy Theories

Some people like conspiracy theories. Our world now works in such a way that if news spreads that something happened somewhere, you can get angry that the producers of the theory will soon appear who say that it was not so, but in a different way, while others are convinced that it was not. There was none.

with the most popular theories Everyone has already met: the Earth is flat, the lizards want to take over humanity, and there are rumors about many stars that died years ago and were replaced by likenesses. The moon landing never happened. Balaton is not present.

To further indulge conspiracy theory fans, we’ve rounded up a few, and all that’s left to do is decide What is true and what is nonsense.

We live in the Matrix

Some conspiracy theorists believe that we are actually living in a simulation, just like in The Matrix movie. Believers discuss evidence to support the claim in forums. Among other things, they think so There are “background characters” who never get old and always appear in a different place at a different timecompletely randomly.

By the way, scientists think it may be true that it is possible to live in a simulation, but for now Just a far-fetched theory.

Some people think that we are actually living in a simulation, just like in The Matrix movieSource: Entertainment Pictures / (©)Copyright 1999 by ROADSHOW FILM LIMITED./Roadshow Film Limited

Members of the royal family are shape-shifting lizards

Former BBC presenter David Icke and many others are convinced that the United Kingdom, and indeed all other royal families in the world, belong to the Illuminati and have gained power because their human ancestors intermarried with aliens. According to Icke, it is It explains why the King’s Dynasty cares about keeping their bloodlines “pure”.. Furthermore, Ikki insists that he has spoken to people who have seen members of the royal family turn into a lizard and back again.

JK Rowling is not present

Film director Nina Grunfeld started the theory that Rowling simply does not exist. He thinks so because The writer has become very successful because of the Harry Potter books. In 2005, Grunfeld argued that it was impossible for him to write the six thick books, which have been translated into at least 55 languages ​​and sold 250 million copies, and that he wrote these books in a very short time.

According to Grunfeld, that may be the case JK Rowling is just a pseudonymAnd a whole team worked on the books, modeled on the Nancy Drew stories.

Grunfeld argued that it was impossible for him to write those six thick booksSource: AFP / Sean Curry

Birds do not exist

This is a cuckoo’s egg, as it is not an actual conspiracy theory, but rather a performance. In 2017, Peter McIndoe started posting just that The birds don’t actually exist, they are surveillance drones made by the US government. He paid close attention to detail and staged real demonstrations, buying billboards and displaying the group’s demands in several places.

However, it was intended Point out how naive, and parodies the effectiveness of disinformation. McIndoe wanted to raise a mirror to America in the age of the Internet.

The birds do not actually exist, they are surveillance drones made by the US government, as this poster claimsSource: Shutterstock

Is smoking harmful?

Another cuckoo’s egg, because what started out as a conspiracy theory in this story later turned out to be The proponents of the theory were exceptionally right. This is because tobacco companies have hidden evidence about how harmful smoking is to health for decades.

And the truth is that In the early 50s Statistics showed the connection between smoking and lung cancer, but it wasn’t until the late 1990s that Philip Morris recognized that smoking could actually cause cancer.

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