Live broadcast: The United States plays against the men’s water polo team

Tamás Märcz decided to appoint only one goalkeeper for the match, Viktor Nagy would defend all the way, and Vogel Soma missed this time.

The Hungarian national team began with a defeat to the Greeks, then defeated the teams of Japan and South Africa, thereby practically reaching the quarter-finals. On the other hand, it depends on the score against the Italians in this round and the next, how many places you go, and who you get from the other group in the quarter-finals.

The US national team started with a 15-13 victory over Japan, beating South Africa 20-3, scoring 12-11 from the Italians with only one goal, ahead of the last quarter.

With the goal of Tamas Miesi, the Hungarian national team led in their first match, 1-0.

After the Jansik Szilárd fair, the Americans took the lead, fired the goal, and missed the traffic. They also had an advantage in the second American attack (Blaz Erdelli went out), which also ended with a goal.

Denis Varga also hit the post on the other side, 1-0 after two and a half minutes, here.

At the end of the third minute, Alex Bowen tied 1-1.

We got an offer from Hára, the best Hungarian, Norbert Hosnyánszky pulled the ball to the goal post.

The Americans already had the third advantage, ending the match with a bad shot. On the other side we also got a foul, Gergo Zalanke’s shot still defended by Alex Wolff, the no longer known Matthias Pachtor, 2-1.

Stevenson fired an advantage, again as a goalpost. Americans are afraid of Victor the Great. The judges on both sides distributed the benefits, and the Hungarians also lost.

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At the end of the quarter, Hungary led 2-1.

Opening photo: MTI / Tamás Kovács

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