Liu Shaoang Olympic champion 500 meters

Liu Shaoang Olympic champion 500 meters

Liu Shuang became the Olympic champion in the last singles short track skaters in the 500m. Krueger said goodbye to John Henry and Alexander Liu Shaolin in the quarter-finals.

He almost had his last chance today 500 meters For the short medal skaters, we’d only be interested in the B finals in the relay.

The quarter-final matches haven’t started well since then Liu Shaolin Alexanderand then krueger john henry He also said goodbye to the quarter-finals, and only now Liu Shuang Leave. He, on the other hand as a race winner, He reached the semi-finals and then the finals at the best time.

Although he was overtaken by both guys at Canadian Dubois in both races, he managed to overtake both of them twice. However, there was no fairy tale in the finals, he immediately broke into the lead, and although the Russian Ivliev pressed him all the way, he could not stop him, so after 40 seconds in the first place, as an olympic champion I reached the finish line before Ivlev and Dubois.

With his performance today, Liu Shaoang has set several records: he is the first Hungarian to become an individual Olympic champion at the Winter Olympics, he is also our first two-time champion at the Winter Games, and he alone has four coins.

The Dutch won the Dutch relay race by setting an Olympic record ahead of the Koreans and Chinese.

Liu Shuang final

The joy of the Hungarian national team (Photo: Karoly Orvay)

Winter Olympics, Beijing 2022
Short Track Men’s Fast Speed ​​500m

1. LIU SHAOANG 40.338 seconds
2- Konstantin Ivlev (Russian national team) 40.4431
3 – Stephen Dubois (Canada) 40669
4 – Abzal Azgalev (Azerbaijan) 40869
5 – Pietro Siegel (Italy)
6 – Fu Ta-King (China)

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13. Liu Shaolin Sundar
17. Kroger John Henry

Female transmission 3000m
1. NETHERLANDS (Susan Schulting, Selma Botsma, Xandra Velzebuer, Yara van Kerkhove) 4: 03.409 min – Olympic Summit
2. South Korea 4: 03627
3. China 4: 03863
4. Canada 4: 04.329
5. Italy
6. Poland

At the time of events:
Men’s 500m, Final

The finalists were Kazakhstan’s Abzal Azgalev, Russia’s Konstantin Ivlev, Canadian Stephen Dubois and Italy’s Petro Siegel. Liu Shuang The opponent who started in the first place. The first start was still shooting. The second time was good, and the Hungarian boy is in the lead. Although the European champion, Russian Ivliev, was clinging to the ball, they almost crashed into a corner, but they have remained on their feet and are unstoppable since. So Liu Shaoang is the Olympic champion! Ivliev came in second and Dubois in third.


In the second race of the semi-finals Liu Shuang He can start from every position. His four opponents are Canada’s Stephen Dubois, China’s defending champion Fu Taing, Korea’s Hvang De Hoon and Kazakhstan’s Abzal Azgaliev. The first start was shot. The Hungarian rider started weaker in second and slipped to second, but halfway ahead of the Canadians again, this time making it to the finals as the race winner. Most importantly, defending champion Fu Ta Cheng did not enter.

a fourth

Liu Shaolin Alexander In Race 2, he started from only fourth, and his opponent was defending champion Vu Ta-ching in China, Pietro Sighel in Italy, Roberts Krüzbergs in Latvia and Sébastien Lepape in France. Immediately after the start, the Hungarian rider managed to climb into third place and stayed there until the last turn. There he tried to overtake the Italian Sighel, but flipped and fell back to fourth, saying goodbye to more fights.

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In the third race, he can start from second krueger john henry Who was in the top five with Russian Konstantin Ivliev, Belgian Steen Desmet, Kazakh Abzal Azalev, and Korean Hvang de Hoon. Unfortunately, the Hungarian boy started poorly, which immediately fell to third and then fourth, and eventually became the last, so he was also eliminated.

In the fourth quarter-final Liu Shuang He was interested in starting from 3rd in the company of two Canadians, Stephen Dubois and Jordan Pierre Gill, Israeli Vladislav Bekanov and American Ryan Peverotto. He finished third behind the Canadians after the start, then after Pierre Gilles knocked out a corner kick, he caught up to Dubes and then easily passed him, reaching the semi-finals as the race winner.

National Sports reports on the venue: Gergeli Cohan, Erica Kovacs (text), Karoly Orvay (photo)

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